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The Trio Cuff Collection | Joevie

The Trio Cuff Collection | Joevie

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Brass Cuff - 3/8 Wide

Hand Hammered or Smooth, Cuff Bracelet collection. Each cuff is handmade using only brass, copper and aluminum from the USA. Each product is made with solid metals, which is nickel and lead-free. They are not mass produced nor manufactured; each unique piece is one of a kind. This cuff is very sturdy, but still has flexibility allowing for placement on the wrist.
**Each Collection come with 3 cuffs, 1 Brass, 1 Copper and 1 Aluminum.**

This cuff is hand-sanded to create a polished cuff.
Edges are filed to ensure a smooth finish.
Hand-hammered +$15.00

Band Width: 3/8 (Wide)

Band Length : 5 3/4" (Standard) 

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