About Us


To create unique products that inspire, encourage and enrich lives. 

We believe that one word of encouragement can have a lasting impact on someone's life. We partner with YAIPak to give hope to Foster Children. Each Joevie piece you purchase has an impact on a child that needs to know they are loved, valued, and important. When you wear a Joevie product, you are empowering a special child else along with yourself! 

Jewelry that gives hope and inspiration through words.

     Just A Girl

What happens when an Axe throwing Army Sergeant and his serial entrepreneur Wife decide to create handmade and hand-stamped jewelry with their four crazy kiddos in Tennessee? Joevie happens!

Becky, a Mother of four, started a self mantra a few years back: "You are Worthy; You have Value." Since she began to understand the power of these words, she has been on a mission for people to see their own worth and value, just as she sees value in each individual. 

Recently, Becky saw an opportunity with Joevie, not only to empower an organization to help people have love and powerful words spoken over them, but also in her own home with her daughter. While Joevie is a family business Becky manages with an Army Husband and her 3 boys. Becky and her husband help with behind the scenes works and their daughter, Taylor is the one running this show and making every piece handmade. She saw an opportunity for her daughter to be empowered. By making the jewelry and building the business, the sole daughter in the family is building her self esteem and beginning to understand her worth and value. Joevie starts with woods, metal, and tools, but it creates so much more.

Taylor wants everyone to know, "It's the little things. Little words can do BIG things."


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